Twitter Hacks you’ll Wish you Knew Earlier

Whether you’re a beginner or a looking to grow your brand on Twitter, it isn’t a bad idea to acquire a couple of tricks here and there to help you succeed. What follows is a rundown of tidbits to enable you to get established.

Tweet Early and Often

You’re likely to find your footing on Twitter if you post early. That way, you can increase the chances of your tweet getting seen by many people. Research shows that most users check their twitter accounts in the morning before settling for the day.

Also, make sure that you tweet as often as you can without looking spammy.

Don’t Over Saturate your Followers

Sure, you have to tweet a few times every day. However, you shouldn’t go overboard. You can’t, for instance, tweet every five minutes. You don’t want to annoy your followers because that’s the easiest way of making them unfollow you.

So, keep your tweeting on track. One of the simplest ways to tell if you’re oversaturating your followers is a sudden drop in engagement.

Broadcast Less and Engage More

Twitter is a content distribution tool. You shouldn’t, therefore, fill your feed with tweets linking back to your website. Sure, some brands can get away with broadcasting messages from morning till evening.

But, your primary aim is to build your audience. You also want to use Twitter for something more than spreading your brand’s message. In short, you have to engage your followers.  Ask questions, conduct polls or join public conversations.

Growth Services are Great

Make no mistake about – you can grow your Twitter following organically. However, it takes lots of time and work. Keep in mind that you have to focus on other strategies to enable you to take your brand to the next level.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense to use a paid service such as Social10x to boost your presence. That way, you will gain more followers, retweets, likes and so on without spending a lot of time on your account. And, if you never heard about Social10x, you can have a look at it to discover what it is all about.

The Bottom Line

When used right, Twitter can help you establish your presence on social media and eventually turn you into an influencer. On top of that, don’t forget to create quality content to entice people to retweet, leave likes and follow you back.