Tips To Get Soft Shiny Straight Hair And Look Chic

Straight hair never leaves our heart and goes out of fashion. They are ideal and suits casual as well as party looks. Getting parlour like finish is not going to be easy. It requires time, concentration and the essential tools.

Tips to get party ready straight hair looks at home

Expertise and experience that parlour men have to style your hair in minutes cannot be achieved at home. Though it is hard to disagree with that explanation but is achievable.  If you can attain the same looks at home, you will surely save a lot of money and look radiant and beautiful. Follow these tips and get beautiful hair again and again:

  • Select the size of the straightener best suited to engage your hair type.
  • Choose a thinner flat iron if you have short hair, while a wider one for long hair.
  • Use of heat protection spray is a must before you expose them to excess heat.
  • Do not expose your hair to temperature more than 365 degree as it can cause your hair to burn.
  • To give your hair some volume, use a flat-iron at the crown in an upward motion.
  • Use a straight comb simultaneously with the flat iron for perfectly smooth hair.
  • Using thermal brush at the roots will help to avoid any cowlicks.
  • Use holders for sectioning the hair and then use the iron in neat sections.

Straightening your hair – Myths vs. Facts

  1. Myth 1 – Using low heat setting will lessen the damage
  • Yes, high temperatures can damage your hair but a lower setting causes even more damage.
  • Going over multiple times with low temperature cause the damage as you stay in contact of heat for a longer time period.
  1. Myth 2 – Use of round brush will give the necessary support while straightening
  • It is important to use round brush while blow drying
  • However, if you are looking for straight hair, a flat paddle type brush will do the trick,
  1. Myth 3 – Cool hair will destroy your looks
  • Yes, high temperature styles your hair
  • It is the cool air that keeps the style in place.
  1. Myth 4 – Straight hair are less voluminous
  • If you pull your hair while using a flat iron, your roots get lifted to provide more volume than you could imagine.
  1. Myth 5 – Using serum before straightening prevent breakage
  • Serum must not be used before flat ironing as it will give a fried look to hair.
  • Instead stick to the heat protection spray.

Go and get yourself those straight looks you always wanted without worrying about those parlour expenses for your next party.