Things You Should Look Out For Your Rental Contract in Amsterdam

One thing which is really important for you, if you are renting a house is the contract that the landlord will offer you. You need to go through the rent deed very carefully before signing it, which will lead you to a safer stay at your house.

Some scammers might take the signature of people on a contract which may lead to problems later on. Hence, it is really necessary for you to keep an eye on every point of the contract given to you, so that you don’t become a culprit of any kind of scam. Mentioned below are a few points which will help you with your rental contract in future. Here are the points:

Home maintenance

Home maintenance is something really important for anyone living in a house. No matter how careful you are about the house, it needs maintenance every year. Sometimes an odd work may come up like flooring needs to be polished and taps need to be changed etc.

Read the contract so that you will get to know what kind of home maintenance scheme the landlord is offering you, whether it is on sharing basis or you would be responsible for such tasks. Home maintenance is usually the responsibility of the landlord before you have shifted into the house. After you have shifted, these home maintenance jobs usually come on a sharing basis.

You may find the extra resourceful information on various websites available on the web. Surf through and don’t forget to add filters like budget, area and location.

Look at the Deposit and other expenses section very carefully

Usually, the advance deposit that every landlord asks for is for 2 months and if your contract is saying that you need to pay the advance for 3 months then you can take a legal advice from someone on this matter. Also, you need to check if any other expense is mentioned on the contract, because by law, the landlord cannot ask for any other money other than the deposits.

However, if the house is already having a few things that you too can utilize and you have agreed to use those things, then he may ask you for extra money and that is legal too. Yet reading the contract, especially the expenses section is really important.


We have helped you in the best way possible that we could have done, because deposits and home maintenance is the most raised issue these days between landlords and people living on rent. So make sure you take a written contract from your landlord and also make sure that you have read it properly before signing.