Step Ladders Versus Platform Ladders: What Are The Differences?

Most people believe that step and platform ladders are the same. After all, they look the same and they are designed for the same applications. In a matter of fact, these two types are very different and they are designed for different usages. In order to get the suitable type, you should know what their differences are.

According to a survey, conducted in the United States, by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 81% of all job-related injuries occur due to the issues with ladders. One of the main reasons is because people don’t choose a suitable type! You can check the latest models at Ladder Lounge . We believe this article can help you.

Step ladders

Step ladders are the most common type of ladders used today. They are based on the A frame and they can be placed anywhere you need them. You don’t have to lean them on anything. Simpler models have rungs on just one side, but more advanced and more recommended have on both sides.

They can help you reach heights usually far away from your reach. It is important to wear shoes with non-slip soles in order to prevent slipping.

Step ladders are usually made from aluminum, which suggests that they are lightweight and practical. Still, their main purpose is for people who can use just one hand in order to complete a job when they are on the ladders.

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are similar to step ladders. They are also based on the A frame and they also have rungs on just one or maybe both sides. However, the main difference is the last rung which is designed as a small platform. Thanks to it, workers can climb and stand for a longer period of time, without sustaining pain from the rungs.

These ladders are safer and they are designed for people who must use both hands when they are on the top of the ladders. In addition, it is possible to use the platform for a bucket of paint, tool or anything else. They are about 2 feet higher than the platform itself, which is important due to safety reasons.

The bottom line

At the end, we must mention that the best way to determine which type you need is to look at your job requirements. If you don’t use heavy tools or items, step-ladders are a better choice, because they can help you reach higher areas. Step ladders are safer and they should be used if you use heavy items while working on high areas.