Stand Mixer Advantages over Hand-held Mixer

Mixers are great kitchen appliances as they do take away most tasks from your hands. The question is which type of mixer is the best and ideal for you. The answer is in how you intend to use the mixer. Some people are content using their hand-held mixers, which can be manual or electric. While there are those people that wouldn’t be able to do anything in the kitchen without their stand mixers.

When asked on how to decide between a stand mixer and a hand mixer, there is actually no right answer – nor a wrong one for that matter. But there are some cooking and food preparation tasks that are more suited to one type or another.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers

A handheld mixer comes in two basic types; the egg-beater and the electric hand mixer. One advantage of this device is that it is less expensive than stand mixers. It is also easy to clean-up and takes a little amount of space in the kitchen. It is also perfect for small jobs like beating egg whites and whipping cream. But, sine a hand mixer is smaller than a stand mixer; it has a small motor as well. Thus, the mixing capacity is not as strong as the other type. Also as it is not fixed into any bowl and base, it is always possible to make a mess in your kitchen.

The stand mixer, on the other hand is called as the Cadillac of mixers. A stand mixer comes with a frame that houses the heavy-duty motor. The frame is also the bowl’s mounting foundation and it is designed so that the mixer fits and locks in place during the mixing process. There are home models that can hold up to four quarts of liquid, and the commercial stand mixers that can hold up to a hundred quarts. Commercial models are installed on the floor, while home models stay on the countertop.

The availability of different mixing attachments of the stand mixer is something that will always provide advantages to this modern mixer. For instance, if you are mixing and creaming, the paddle or flat beater is the ideal attachment.

The big mixing bowls that comes with your stand mixer is going to eliminate mess because you will be prevented from making batter splashes. The suitable and stable bowl gives you the chance to move away from the mixer while it is doing its thing, because you wouldn’t have to hold the mixer or bowl the whole time.

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