Remedies for Acute Neck Pain

Neck pain is caused by various reasons, some which are easy to diagnose while others take advanced measures to diagnose. Causes range from simple muscle spasms to serious neck injuries. Additionally, poor posture causes neck pain. Each cause of neck pain comes with a characteristic pain, for example, some pain radiates to different parts of the body, while another kind of pain is localized.

One thing you need to realize is that there are various approaches to treating neck pain. These remedies are many, and allow you to enjoy pain relief as you plan to go for specialized medication. Other approaches help you avoid the occurrence of the neck pain.

But you need to know that these remedies work in situations that are acute. Chronic conditions require a qualified medical practitioner to handle the issue. Let us look at the remedies that you can use within the home to relieve neck pain.


Yoga-related exercises have been known to eliminate the issue of neck pain. The exercises in this category include:

    • Neck stretches – if the pain is due to a muscle that is tense and taut, then neck stretches can loosen the muscles and leave you feeling much better.
    • Half-circle roles – here, you drop the chin to the chest and then roll it to the shoulders, the center and then back to the starting point. Repeat this severally to the extent that the neck can allow.
    • Shoulder raises – you lift up your shoulders towards the ears, and then let them down to the starting point slowly.

This is just a few exercises – you can talk to your fitness instructor and discover new ways to target the neck muscles.


An ice pack is ideal if you are experiencing neck pain due to inflammation. The use of ice reduces blood flow, which in turn helps reduce pain. It numbs the pain and relieves the symptoms.

Neck Pillows

Most people experience neck pain due to a poor sleeping posture. The spine is made up of small interconnected bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are aligned in a specific arch that needs to be maintained. Failure to maintain the arch leads to strain on that part of the spine, leading to pain. To maintain the arch, you need to use specially made pillows called cervical pillows. Read the Best Neck Pillow: Banish Cervical Pain Forever – 2018 Edition to understand more about the neck pillows and how to use them to relieve neck pain.

For chronic neck pain, make sure you see the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.