Qualities of A Good Handheld Laser Marking System

Handheld laser marking systems were developed to facilitate marking large items that are difficult to move around. The technique provides a great variety of designs and effects, giving a smooth finish to products that would otherwise be impossible to label. Many organizations are shifting from traditional marking to portable, handheld systems because they can be used on any type of product.

Just like any other laser marking machine, there are standard features that every good handheld laser system should possess. Here are some of them.


One great thing about any good handheld laser marking system is its ability to be used anytime, anywhere.  The small size of these machines means that they can be used in a small workspace. You can carry them along anytime and work on pieces that are not confined to a factory or warehouse. Check out Needham Coding for some more benefits of this feature and the latest models in the industry.

Ease of Use

A great handheld marking system must definitely be easy to program. It must allow you to import images in various formats and translate them into product labels and codes. Most of these systems require very little expertise to operate and this must apply to the choice you make. You should be able to set it up within seconds.

Incredible Speed

The ability of a handheld system to work at high speed determines the amount of output that will be realized. You do not want a machine that takes time to process a single assignment, especially if you will be working on several items in a day.


Another feature that you need to look at is the system’s capability of processing all types of materials. It should be able to create high-quality markings that meet industry and client requirements, and with precision.

Light Weight

Because handheld laser marking systems are purchased with the intention of carrying them around, they ought to be light in weight. As technology evolves, they keep becoming lighter and lighter to make them fit for use in the field and in mobile businesses.

Multiple Connections

One great benefit that you can get from a good handheld marking system is its compatibility with various types of connections. This means that you can easily use your laptop, Smartphone or tablet to process your markings.

In Closing

If you are into a mobile engraving business, you can use handheld systems to make your work easier to manage. You will be able to enjoy cheaper costs and maintenance-free marking on all your applications