How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

In this short but packed guide, we are going to teach you how to make your business stand out on Instagram for obvious reasons that need no further explanation.

First things first

There is a good chance you don’t have an account at Instagram yet so let’s get that done first. Simply visit on your laptop or desktop PC, enter your phone number, upload a profile picture, write a description of your business and start following a few people.

Once you’ve completed that it’s time to grab your mobile phone and download the Instagram app, make sure your phone has the same number you just entered in the web browser and it will detect it and automatically log you in. The thing with Instagram is that you can’t post stories or photos from your PC but you can do so from your phone while filling out other details like your profile is just easier to do from the desktop version.

Do your research

To truly stand out it’s wise to see what your competitors are doing, this post is tailored towards small business owners so I assume you’re serving a certain area. If that’s the case you can easily look at what people in surrounding cities are doing, or heck even in different states as you don’t want to do the same thing as your neighbors.

Once you know what they are doing it’s rather easy to mimic their process and soon you’ll be the one the people in your area will look up to, opposed to the ones that have been active for a longer amount of time (without much success).

Stick to a theme

You are not on Instagram to continuously promote your products or services, you are there to establish an authority and to brand your company and yourself. The more often you show up, the more likely people are to hire you the next time need a specialist so it works in tandem with newspaper ads, your company in Google My Business, and at other places around the web. So you want everything to be consistent across all media so they instantly recognize it’s you.

Connect with the people

Instagram is a place where like-minded individuals connect with each other. Let’s say you are a lawyer, perhaps you want to hang out in groups that are known for committing crimes more often than others, be careful that you don’t apply racial profiling though as that can bite you in the ass but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, this is just an example if you’re a plumber instead you might want to hook up with the real estate niche instead.