Instagram Hacks to Step up Your Marketing Game

Instagram has a host of features that you can use to showcase your brand. While you need to have followers, the secret to success involves learning how to engage and interact with your audience. Because when you pull it off, Instagram will become a serious traffic source and a brand awareness tool. What follows is a rundown of some hacks you should learn to become a well-rounded social media marketer.

Use Line and Breaks to your Captions and Bio

Long captions with no line breaks are not good for business. Blocks for texts are not only hard to read but also to skim. However, you can add lines and breaks to organize your posts into easy-to-read paragraphs. That way, you’ll make your visitors stick around to find out what your content is about. And because line and breaks have their limits, visit The Small Business Blog to read a detailed step by step guide on how to add breaks/lines to your bio and posts.

Use Geotag

Geotag is great if you want to increase your content engagement so include it in your images and videos. Your followers are likely to scope tagged locations to follow other brands in the same area. When you tag multiple regions with your content, you’ll be spreading your social casting net. In fact, an Instagram post with a geotag can receive 80% more engagement in comparison to non-tagged content. You should, however, tag location where your content belongs.

Regram and Tag Influencers

Share content with other users as a way to build relationships on Instagram. Pinterest has Repins, Twitter has Retweets, and Instagram has Regrams. The only difference is that Instagram doesn’t have an integrated feature to regram content by other users so you’ll have to get apps such as Websta. That way, you can quickly repost videos and posts from other users without the need to take screenshots or crop the images.

A Dynamic Bio is a Must

Sure, you’ll get one clickable link to your Instagram account. On the flip side, you can fine tune it as many times as you please. So, rather than using your homepage URL and never touching it again, you can as well use it to promote your latest content or product launches. All you need to do is to create a post on Instagram with a call to action for your visitors to click the link in your bio for more info.

In conclusion, Instagram hacks like these will help put your brand out there and in the process generate more traffic/sales.