Fitness Instructors: Tips to Build Your Instagram Audience

You know how advertising can be expensive for a fitness business.

And you also know that getting clients can be very tough!

Now imagine if you had a free strategy that you can use to get a steady stream of business to your gym every month. The good thing is that there is a strategy, and it is FREE. You can start using the strategy right now. All you need is to open an account.

First Things First

Do you own a smartphone? This is all you need to make a move from an in-house fitness trainer to the best trainer there can ever be. The secret is Instagram. Just download it on your phone, create an account and you have a platform to market your services.

Or maybe you are already on Instagram, but you aren’t getting the response you need to make big on the platform. It doesn’t matter, what you are going to learn is a few ways to make the business bigger and more influential.

Have a Theme

You need to have a theme when you go to Instagram. Remember that there are thousands of fitness instructors on the platform, and your theme is what makes you stand out.

So, make sure you know what sales you. What is it that you are good at and you can provide to clients? For instance, you need to tell them how you can cut their belly fat, something that is tough for many people. If you can give the people something that they have been looking for all along, you will get their attention.

Focus on a specific category and stick to it. Being general won’t help you at all.

Have a theme for your photos as well. Use high-quality images plus captions that are spot on so that you can get the people talking. Make the theme consistent, and communicate this theme across all your content.

Preload Images Before You Start Marketing the Page

If you are just new to the platform, you need to add some images before marketing to your friends, customers, and colleagues.

These first images need to be amazing, and they need to tell the audience that you have something to offer.

With more than 60 million images being uploaded on the platform each day, your content needs to stand out; otherwise, the content might go unnoticed.

If you wish to impress someone, then you need to stand out and engage with the audience deliberately and regularly. The more you engage with your followers, the more appealing you become to your audience.

Know The When, Why, What of Posting Content

Posting content needs to be consistent and should target the right people. Using the right hashtags helps your content is discovered by the right kind of people.

Based on experience, you need to know What you post. This means you need to have the right content and in high quality. Additionally, you need to know When to post the content. This is the time of day when most users are online so that you can get the highest engagement. The next thing is to know Why you are posting content. Are you posting to get more followers or higher engagement levels?

You can achieve all these through use of automation. Using the right bot as discussed on Spire is one of the ways to make these tasks a reality. However, make sure you pick the right tool to help you achieve the goals you desire.

In Short

You need to have the right strategy to get the followers you need for your fitness Instagram profile.