How to choose wooden windows?

Nowadays many producers aim to reduce job cost using cheaper accessories and less high-quality raw materials. Only a few companies can provide high quality wooden windows (here you can read more about them). It is worth understanding that wooden windows are not just important element of an interior, but also a multipurpose and constructive component of the house. It is important that wooden windows not just promoted feeling of comfort. In addition, it should cope with the esthetic and functional tasks.

Before visiting the seller of wooden windows, it is important to enquire more information on its production features. It will help you to ask manager proper questions and understand his answers.

First, in case of a question how to choose wooden windows, it is necessary to find out about the material from what wooden windows can be made of.

Nowadays producers use coniferous and deciduous species of wood for production of wooden windows. There is a widespread statement that quality of wooden windows, which are made from deciduous breeds (a larch, an oak), exceeds coniferous analogs (a pine, a fir-tree).

Therefore, the wooden windows, which are made of coniferous breeds of wood is cheaper. However, such statement is wrong.

Thanks to modern production capabilities, which applying for handling and merging wood windows practically do not differ by its look.

Higher price for windows from deciduous breeds comprised of comparative high cost of raw material.

Meanwhile conifer requires additional handling on initial stages of production. It comprise of necessity to increase its resistance to moisture influence. The correct production of wooden windows assumes numerous stages. Therefore, after ordering of windows there will pass about a month.

Usually wooden windows produced from a 3-layer glued bar. There is possibility of using spliced (passing through 15-30 cm) and an integral bar. Thanks to high-quality painting, it is possible to hide places of merging. The price of window produced of integral bar is higher.

The larger sizes of shutters lead to increase of fitment pressure. It can cause premature problems in operation. Therefore, when thinking over a configuration of the future wooden windows, it is necessary to consider the admissible sizes of shutters. It should be borne in mind that windows from an oak are much heavier than a fir-tree, a pine or a larch.

In case if you decided to choose between wooden and plastic windows, it is necessary to consider the beauty of the first option and a practicality of the second. Nevertheless, wooden windows need for special maintenance of the initial beauty.