Buying Twitter Followers – How to Spot a Scam

You can buy Twitter followers. Yes, you can. The benefits? Well, it saves you time that you’d have otherwise spent trying to get people to follow you. Besides, it allows you to achieve your goals quickly, whether you want to become an influencer or drive traffic to your website.

If you’ve bought Twitter followers before, then you now that there are scams all over the place. These will take your money in a heartbeat without giving you any followers. The best you can get are fake followers who add no value to your campaign. And, if you’re purchasing followers for the first time, watch out for these signs to avoid getting scammed.

Zero or No Reviews

Any company selling Twitter followers ought to have some reviews, right? Yes. You’d expect users to share their experience with the service. But, what if you don’t find any reviews about a particular service? Well, it can only mean two things; either the company hasn’t been around for too long, or it’s a scam.

Remember, a company can put up fake reviews on its website to lure potential buyers, so you need to dig dipper. Look for independent, unbiased reviews such as this one Devumi Review – Is Devumi a Scam? – Spire.These analyses will help you buy from a point of information.

No Customer Service Support

How do you expect to get in touch with the company if they don’t offer customer support? How will you make complaints if things don’t work as you expected? A genuine Twitter followers seller will display contact info on their website. They’ll even provide a number you can call to reach them. Most importantly the customer support should be round the clock.

No Money Back Guarantee

A good, legitimate Twitter followers seller should offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked. Essentially, this shows that the company has full trust in their service and aren’t afraid to stand by their promise. For you as a buyer, it allows you to spend your money with confidence.

The Bottom Line

Don’t ignore any red flags when buying Twitter followers. Unless you have lots of cash to waste, you want to know that you’re indeed getting value for every dime that you spend. You can even decide to contact the seller before spending your money and ask a few questions. Plus, it isn’t a bad idea to check if the contacts provided on the website are working. Is it?