A Buying Guide To Bowling Ball

Bowling at first seems to be a bit boring game. All you need to do is throw the ball so that it can hit all the pins at the end of the bowling lane. But when you actually do it, you will get to know that how entertaining and challenging this game can be. It requires a lot of planning and concentration to play this game. Bowling ball is the most important part of this game. There are many types of bowling balls available in the market that you can use. But before playing this game, it is important to first select the right bowling ball for you. There are many websites which can provide you with a big help at selecting the right type of ball for you. You can consider below mentioned points for your better understanding.

Cover stocks: Cover stocks are the outermost layer of the ball. It is the layer which you can see, touch and feel. This layer also gets in touch with the bowling lane. There are many types of cover stocks that you can select for your bowling game. Most of the people prefer to use plastic or polyester made cover stocks for their bowling ball as both these materials provide you with a smooth surface and least amount of friction on the bowling lane. These bowling balls are used for straight bowling. Most of the professional players spin the ball in order to provide the ball with curved trajectory. Plastic and polyester bowling balls will simply slide on to the surface in a straight line.

Core: All the bowling balls have core inside them, though it is not physically seen. Bowling balls are not hollow from the inside. There are many types of cores that are present inside the bowling ball. The core is the innermost part of the ball and provides direction to the ball. A core is basically the driver of the ball. These cores are made available in many sizes and shapes and each one of them provides with different playing conditions and effects. The most common cores that are used with most of the bowling balls are pan cake core, asymmetrical core, and symmetrical core. Beginners can use pancake core ball to learn the game, whereas professionals can use of symmetrical core balls to improve their game.

Weight: Weight is another factor that needs to be considered while selecting the best bowling ball for yourself. Most of the players prefer to use heavy balls to play this game. Heavy balls generate more momentum and speed on the bowling lane and hit the pins with brutal force. Light weighted balls are mostly like to lose their direction as well as speed while reaching the end of the bowling lane.