2 Secrets on How to Dominate Instagram as an Affiliate Marketer

Yes — you can use Instagram for affiliate marketing. And yes — you can dominate the social network as an affiliate marketer.

Especially since Instagram has launched Instagram for Business, you can gear up. This means that you can socialize with the community all you want and see every interaction from a business perspective.

Here are the secrets.

1 – Establish a link placement strategy.

First up is a practical secret. Decide where to place the links to affiliate product offers.

A challenging part is the fact that Instagram does not allow links in your content. In other words, you can’t use your posts as a way to market links.

This is rather unconventional, especially if you’re used to operating a blog for affiliate marketing product offers. On a self-hosted blog, you can freely post links wherever you want.

The solution is to find a workaround.

Here are the alternatives:

  • Bio
  • Instagram stories
  • Link text in photo
  • Link text in caption

It’s up to you to establish a link placement strategy. However, placing a link to the affiliate product offer on your bio is the recommended approach.

Unlike the other alternatives, a link on your bio can stay there for more than 24 hours. A link featured on your Instagram Stories feed disappears after that timeframe.

And unlike a link text — whether featured in a photo or caption, a link on your bio is a direct link. This means that it is clickable and does not require a copy-paste approach.

2 – Sign up for affiliate marketing program offers on Instagram.

Then, use your skills as an affiliate marketer the old-fashioned way. Signing up for affiliate marketing programs can be easy-peasy! And these programs are usually free.

The catch, however, is that many of these affiliate marketing programs will only accept you if you have an existing traffic count of (at least) 1,000.

On the flip side, getting traffic to your Instagram account is a notch easier because of Instagram tools.

Yes — you can use Instagram tools to help you out. Tools of this kind can do as much as propel your name to the top and indeed, help you dominate Instagram as an affiliate marketer.

For one, there’s Risesocial. It offers a growth hacking service, which means it can help you increase the number of followers, likes, and comments. It can ultimately lead to a significant increase in traffic to your account.

Search for Risesocial on the internet to know more. On Selected Best, it’s featured and this page has lots of user reviews for you to check out.

Final Thoughts

On top of making noise on Instagram, there are plenty of secrets on how to dominate the internet as an affiliate marketer. Regardless of your preferred secret, remember to be confident and consistent as you do it.